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                Figures take different amounts of time depending on their size and complexity and whether there will be conversions of any sort. Conversions consist of something as simple as snipping off an unwanted belt pouch, to switching weapons, repositioning arms or legs, swapping out heads, adding hair or beard or a cloak or wings. See my page “Convert or Die!” for examples of those. Conversion prices depend on the availability of the piece needed to convert (ie: do I have a spare Lucerne hammer hanging around or am I going to have to buy or sculpt one?) to the amount of sculpting or filing I will need to do.           Remember with any art form, you are not just paying the artist “by the hour”. You are paying for their skill, their knowledge, the years of experience. I have atlast count over 350 individual bottles of paint and inks. At costs between $2.50 and $4.00 a container that is a considerable investment! Then let’s talk brushes. I own about 100 individual brushes of a range from 2” wide to just several hairs, these run from 3 to 10 dollar each. Then there is glue, putty, special lights, spray on primer and top coatings, three drawers full of basing material like grass, sands and detritus to add in. I have 5 small-part organizing units filled with bits from models and figures. Then there is my whole painting room that I have to pay mortgage on and my wives would rather see as a sewing room, special sunlight correcting lighting, and then surgical grade optical enlargers.                 That being said, my base price for a 28-32 mm miniature is $5.00. Some may be more or less (for example 20 skeletons take me less time than 20 Empire archers, which take less time by far than 20 Space Marines and a fraction of the time that 10 Bretonian knights would take!) Mounted figures count as 2, and chariots usually 5 (add extra for more than two draft creatures) Then there is building. For example I would happily build those Bretonian knights but it would cost a good bit more for the time involved. Larger miniatures would of course cost more. A Warmachine Warjack usually runs 10 to 30 dollars depending on complexity. Then there can be additional costs. Do I need to hand paint heraldry, or even create custom decals? The only real way to know is to send me a detailed description of the work to be done and I will craft an estimate good for 60 days. 
The customer pays shipping both ways WITH insurance! My preferred method of payment is Paypal as checks have been dicey in the past and I am not set up to accept credit cards. I shy away from foreign consignments as the mail systems of other countries do not allow tracking and insurance and therefore things have been lost. Customer pays once I have sent photos of completed models and they have been approved. I do not transfer the money from Paypal to my account until I get notice of delivery.

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      I have played with toy soldiers as long as I can remember. I used to give all my army guys names. I started painting Airfix H.O. scale
historical miniatures in junior high school and found my first Ral Partha Lord of the Rings miniatures in 1978 and was hooked! 
          My first conversion was changing an Iroquois warrior into a crossbow wielding ranger for my D&D game in 1979!
     I like dressing in costumes and hope to be a member of the 501st Legion soon!
           I play the Pathfinder Role Playing Game and love to convert miniatures for all my players. (5 campaigns running right now) I also play Warhammer 40K with multiple armies collected with figures dating to Rogue Trader days! I play Empire, Skaven, and Vampire counts in Warhammer fantasy. I love Warmachine and Hordes and have dabbled with Malifaux and Wargods of Aegyptus.
                My customers include all those game systems as well as historical and other games with unique miniatures. I also have a strange compulsion to paint any plastic miniatures that come with boardgames……

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I have such a backlog of consignments I do not have a lot of time to create the uber cool site I want, but I am working on it!

My warped Humor.....

Sci Fi including Star Wars

Painting things that come with board games

OK, there are SOME naked miniatures.....

ADVISORY: Some of the figures on these pages may represent naked humans of both genders, as well as naked aliens, demons, elves, dwarves and even a goblin or two. Historically, some people dressed in fewer clothes than others.Celts and Greeks were known for sometimes entering battle in less than full attire. In fantasy art the human form is celebrated au naturale. The miniatures are small bits of artwork and not meant to be enjoyed in a perverse fashion! 

         I also paint World War two figures, and painting German soldiers does not mean I show any sympathy with the Nazi party, nor does painting Civil War confederates indicate I am pro slavery orthat colorizing British Colonial soldiers mean that I advocate their treatment of native populations. Likewise painting Orcs does not mean I approve of Sauron or Sauruman or their policies. I think you get the idea. These are fun little figures and not statements of any sort. Except Stormtroopers. I am TOTALLY behind the Empire!

Full scale weapons and costume stuff, statuary

My own feeble attempts at sculpting

Buildings, Hills, trees, bridges...

Adult themed miniatures   NSFW